PerfOARm Rowing Seat Pad

Lead time notice. Please expect at least 3 weeks for shipment of this product. We appreciate your business!

More than just a cushion.  More than just a butt pad.  Seat pads of the past were simply cut from a piece of cushy material and put a bandaid on a problem by padding a disfunctional seat.  The PerfOARm Rowing Seat Pad combats leg and back pain by taking pressure off of key body parts to reduce pain and increase blood flow. The contoured design and Shaped Pad Technology (SPT) will comform to your rear and give you comfort unmatched by any other seat pad on the market. 

The PerfOARm Rowing Seat Pad is designed to fit in sculling boats, sweep boats and indoor rowers.  The foam used to construct the PerfOARm is slightly tacky, which means your seat pad will stay in place while rowing.

Available in 4 different colors: smoke, strawberry, mint and wave.

Product Dimensions: 12" Length, 7 1/2" Width, 1 1/8" Height

*Please note that the PerfOARm Rowing Seat Pad is meant to save your butt!  This means that over time, it will eventually wear out so that you don't!  This is why we offer extremely competitive pricing on this exclusive product.

**Please also note that since all manufacturers seats are different shapes and sizes, the PerfOARm Rowing Seat Pad will feel different on various brands of seats.

See why the PerfOARm Seat Pads beats other seat pads in overall quality.

Want to totally replace your carbon seat top?  The PerfOARmance Seat Top might be even better for you!  

If you already own a PerfOARm Rowing Seat Pad, you can view the Care and Use Guidelines.

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