What Makes Revolution Rowing "Revolutionary?" (2nd Edition)

March 06, 2018

With the launch of our updated website I wanted to give you an update of what continues to make Revolution Rowing “Revolutionary” and what continues to set us apart from the rest of the pack.

My charge that rowing technology seems to be standing still, seems to be holding water.  In the last few years, all I continue to see is more carbon fiber and higher prices with the basic look and feel of rowing equipment staying very much the same. With that said, I still think that bow mounted riggers and other small changes are cool but rowing has not had the same advances as sports such as cycling, swimming or running to name a few.  

Rowing continues to be behind the curve because of total participation.  Rowing does not yet have the same size or following that other sports have.  Anyone who has rowed knows that the expense of rowing is the greatest roadblock to participation.  The end to that roadblock is near...

What continues to make our products “Revolutionary” is our commitment to technological innovation combined with value.  We believe that making it easier to row, both financially and 

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